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Every country has its own Customs rules and regulations concerning the import and export of goods to and from its region. These regulations must be complied with to ensure smooth transit of all shipments.

The experienced team of people in the Customs Clearance department of Murphy London together with our overseas offices and agents pay meticulous attention to detail, in order to comply with such regulations for imports and exports and also overseas movements consigned on a door-to-door basis. We have a very special close working relationship with Customs and their Staff in the UK ensuring accuracy and maximum speed of documentation processing and decision making no matter the problem.

We are constantly looking at ways and means to ease the process of customs for our clients.

Customs clearance worldwide is evolving and we are constantly monitoring the developments to ensure our knowledge is always kept up to date. Murphy Shipping & Commercial Services has established a reputation as a very experienced, knowledgeable and reliable force in this complex field.

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