Murphy Turkmenistan - Burun Field

Murphy Turkmenistan provided the mobilization of a drilling rig from Turkmenbashy port to the Burun field and full customs clearance in Balkanabat.

Full mobilization from Kazakhstan to Turkmenistan has been done by Italian company Baggio.

Murphy Kazakhstan has provided support to Baggio, in terms of export customs clearance.

We continue to provide the following services:
  • Rig movement
  • Crew change
  • Oversize out of gate movement across multiple borders and deserts
A Republic of Turkmenistan was a part of Soviet Union until it became independent in 1991. Murphy has been providing logistics solutions to the oil and gas industry in this region for over 10 years. For more information for your business development in Turkmenistan, please contact our Country Representative, Natella Rahmanova at