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Multi Shipment Quotation
If you know and provide your enquiry/quotation reference number or your account number you don't need to fill out the boxes marked with an asterisk (*).

Enquiry Information
Account Name (if known):
Company Name*:
Company Address*  :
Postal Code* :
Telephone Number :
Fax Number:
Email Address :
Contact Persons Name*:
Your Reference Number:
Preferred Method:
Quotation Request Details
Types of goods:
Total number of packages  :
Collection Address:
Postal Code:
Delivery Addresses:
Delivery Point I - Postal Code:
Delivery Point I - Country:
Delivery Point II - Postal Code:
Delivery Point II - Country:
Delivery Point III- Postal Code:
Delivery Point III - Country:
Delivery Point IV - Postal Code:
Delivery Point IV - Country:
Weight in kilos:
Consignment Value:
Insurance required :
Special features :
Other information :
We will allocate a reference number to your first enquiry to your first submittal, which will be emailed to the email address provided. The number can then be used, to request status updates without the need to fill out the entire form.

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